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Posted in: News on: 19 March, 2020
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The challenge today

It is no longer news that we are now face to face with the pandemic COVID-19 (Coronavirus) ravaging nations worldwide. With this development, 23 million estimated jobs are expected to be lost, while the economy of many nations is expected to be grounded.

In a recent report, the UN health agency said so far, there have been 633 confirmed COVID-19 cases in 33 African nations, leading to 17 deaths. Also, as at Thursday 19th March 6.51 GMT, a total of 219,385 confirmed cases have been reported in 176 countries with 85,749 deaths globally.

In Nigeria for instance, places of worship, government parastatals, business areas, including public and private schools are expected to shut down operations abruptly, leaving the workforce, teachers and students stranded, while teaching/learning activities paralyzed for several weeks or months.

As it stands, all schools in Lagos, Ogun, Enugu, Abuja, Anambra, Niger, North West and North Central States are currently under lock and key, and to remain so till only when God knows.

The implication on schools

The major effect of this is that, academic activities would be disrupted and calendars altered adversely as teaching/learning cannot and won’t take place. This is indeed a clarion call to always learn to live ready!

The remedy

Despite the threat posed by this world pandemic;

  1. Do you know that; your school can remain open and running?
  2. Do you know that; your school can enjoy uninterrupted teaching/learning?
  3. Do you know that; classroom lessons can be directly delivered to your pupils and students while at home?
  4. Do you know that; your students can carry out their homework, class activity and submit same from home?
  5. Do you know that; your students can still be evaluated and graded from home?
  6. Do you know that; test and exam can be scheduled and taken by students right at home?

These and much more can be achieved with our full stacked School Management Information System known as SchoolActs™.

What is SchoolActs™?

SchoolActs™ is a School Management Information System that simplifies school day-to-day activities for Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools.

It conveys almost all the physical tasks carried out in school into an easier, safer, and a more accessible form online, thereby reducing the need for paper work, and massive file storage.


Some of the distinguishing features of SchoolActs™ include:

  • Students and Staff profile management
  • Result processing, computation and grading
  • Academic Report sheet generation
  • E-learning centre (meeting point for teachers and students for learning, lesson delivery, evaluation and grading, questions and answers).
  • Fee/finance management
  • Computer Based Testing (CBT)
  • Interactive forum and discussion board – for students
  • Take home assignment and submission by students
  • Study centre – equipped with Digital library and e-dictionary; and lots more.


The security of the information or records stored on SchoolActs™ is of greatest importance to us. In order to achieve this, the following measures are taken:

  • Secured cloud database
  • Regular data backup (daily, weekly and termly)
  • Data encryption over TLS/SSL
  • Auto logout during inactivity


Schools can subscribe to use SchoolActs™ via the following ways:

  1. Termly Subscription
  2. One time (Life-time) Subscription












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